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In a series of thirteen workshops, SEED305 participants will discuss important societal issues such as poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, identity, injustice and our histories. These workshops will provide an important place for people to talk about their experiences and to understand the connection between the struggles of different communities.

Young people who are interested in developing their leadership, expanding their knowledge of the social justice movements, and building connections to local activism. People of color, queer, gender variant, working class, women, and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Nobody will be turned away based on age.


Reintroduction Party/Registration scheduled for Friday, August 16th, at 6:30 pm, at 563 NE 67th ST, Miami, FL, 33138.

Seed305 will be holding a new session in Homestead starting March 15th, 2013. This will be our very first spanish speaking session, hosted by WeCount! The content for this thirteen week semester was compiled by immigrant rights activists from across the state, and we are proud to offer this new curriculum to our first class of seedlings in the new year!